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Consignment Procedures

Terms of Consignment
We accept a variety of clothing styles, but must insist that the clothing be in good condition. We request that any clothing brought in be clean, wrinkle-free and on hangers. Please make sure your items don't smell like pets or smoke and any items brought in should be free of stains or holes.  Remember, consumers love clean, fresh items! We cannot guarantee that all items will be accepted. Choices will be made based  on our knowledge of shoppers preferences. Please note that all merchandise must be reviewed in person! Assessments will not be made based on photos. An appointment is required for the initial consignment. However, after establishing an account, a consignor has two options for subsequent consignments:  
  • Appointment - Thirty item limit; any items not accepted will be returned immediately to the consignor. This is the only way to consign items other than clothing, including toys. No recalled items please!
  • Drop-off - Thirty item limit; must be clearly marked with consignment information; clothing items only. Please note that your items will not be reviewed at the time of the drop-off and any items not accepted for consignment will be donated to charity.  
We are currently unable to accept drop-offs on Saturday.

All consignors must fill out our consignor contract
 in order to open an account with us. 

Log in to your Consignor Access account here.

Terms of Pricing
Prices will be determined by the employees of Echo Consignments based on the quality and condition of the item. The consignor receives 40% of the selling price, before tax, for each item.  

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